Talent Development

As the global marketplace becomes more complex, so do the challenges we face as a company. In order to achieve strong, consistent, long-term growth, we need to focus our efforts on key areas that will help us gain competitive advantage.

To help ensure that we meet our business goals, we must continue to promote a culture that encourages all of us to perform at our best.

Any well-planned journey requires a roadmap, and that’s what the Professional Development Talent Pipeline at Ecolab gives you to drive your individual development.

Ecolab’s five key business drivers are:

  • Talent Development: Preparing associates for current and future success
  • Leadership: Creating a vision, engaging others and leading by example
  • Relationships: Identifying and building networks to advance business initiatives
  • Innovation: Fostering an environment that drives creativity and risk-taking
  • Delivering Results: Achieving goals by effectively managing resources to get things done

The Talent Pipeline is the foundation for all talent development at Ecolab.

  • Managing performance (coaching and counseling) – Provides an avenue for associates and managers to define performance objectives, evaluate results and realize their potential while fueling the success of the company.
  • Developing training and education – Assists associates and their managers in targeting development experiences to maximize performance and fuel the business drivers.
  • Conducting individual development discussions and creating plans – Offers an organized process for managers and associates to talk about professional development and identify specific action plans.
  • Determining promotions and delegating special assignments – Enables fair and informed employment decisions through consistent standards and understanding of individual needs and objectives.
  • Conducting annual human resource and succession planning – Helps us obtain a clear and accurate picture of our talent needs at all levels of the organization.

Every step of the way, Ecolab is committed to providing the support and resources you’ll need. But it’s up to you to make it happen.

The Solution is YOU.