U.S. Employment Fraud Alert

Ecolab has been alerted to a fraud related to offers of employment to work in the United States.

The fraud presents an unexpected offer of employment to work with Ecolab delivered by Text or using free web-service instant message tools such Yahoo Messenger or Google Chat.  Without formal employment application or interview, the fraudulent offer informs individuals they are “hired” and will receive a check for “software” or other necessities to work from home.  In some cases, the criminals will attempt to schedule chat sessions disguised as interviews in order to obtain sensitive personal and financial information. Once the check is received and deposited, the criminals will ask individuals to send their account numbers and bank deposit confirmation.

This fraud appears to be an example of “phishing” -- a way of attempting to acquire information (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy company or business in an electronic communication. The following link may be useful in protecting yourself further:  http://www.usa.gov/topics/consumer/scams-fraud.shtml. (Ecolab is not responsible for the content of this site.)

Please do not make contact with the originators of this fraud, and please be careful not to send payment or personal information or documents. If you have already provided personal information to any contacts associated with this type of email, letter or website, we recommend that you discontinue all communications immediately and contact your local authorities for advice on how to protect your personal information and privacy.

If you received an offer of employment you suspect as being fraudulent and would like to check validity, please email careers@ecolab.com and type “Suspected Employment Offer Fraud” in the subject line.

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