Case Study

16 Million Gallons of Water Saved at Luxury Hotel

Mar 31, 2014

The Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel and Marriott Executive Apartments, a Marriott-owned property, was experiencing significant condenser tube fouling, which was resulting in an increase in both the approach temperature and the energy requirements for its 1400-ton chiller system. In fact, the fouling was so bad that the approach temperature increased an average of 7.5 degrees Celsius. In addition, the kilowatt per ton had increased to an average of 0.74 due to the fouling.

The fouling the hotel was experiencing with the condenser tubes in its cooling water system was negatively impacting the bottom line for the entire operation. The Marriott Corporation has adopted a proactive approach to reducing environmental adversities through its operating initiatives. The Nalco 3D TRASAR technology for Cooling Water program implemented at the Renaissance Hotel allowed the facility to conserve nearly 16 million gallons of water annually by reusing sewage treated water. This conservation effort represents annual savings of over $48,000. In addition, approximately 600,000 kWh were conserved annually, reducing electricity expenses by nearly $60,000.

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