Case Study

3D TRASAR Membrane Technology Increases Plant Efficiency

Mar 31, 2014

FASCA, a company based in southern Europe, is focused on delivering integrated water management solutions. The company operates several Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants in the region that are used to produce and distribute potable water. Nalco technology has been used to successfully treat these RO plants since their start-up some years ago, and some of the RO trains currently use Nalco RO TRASAR technology for process monitoring and control.

This first-generation TRASAR® technology has been shown to be extremely reliable and is valued by the customer because the monitoring and control offered helps to consistently maintain plant performance and reduce operational costs. From the moment they were commissioned, the RO TRASAR units demonstrated their value by detecting dosing pump failures and highlighting any incorrect dosage levels, allowing rapid correction and subsequent optimisation of treatment application, system protection and efficiency. The technology helped the customer avoid severe scaling problems and the unplanned cleaning or membrane replacement costs that would inevitably result. As a result of this long-term track record of success and experience with the TRASAR technology program, the customer was very eager to receive the next-generation technology as it became available. Nalco subsequently launched this technology advance under the name of 3D TRASAR Membrane Technology, and this customer was one of the first recipients of the new program.

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