APEX Technology Brochure

May 22, 2014

The technologies which are used today in Paint Detackification were developed in the mid-1980s. Nalco Company, lower system turbidity and total suspended solids. Challenging foaming issues frequently observed in paint detackification systems are quickly minimized or eliminated. Nalco, the worldwide leader in sustainability services and integrated and innovative water treatment solutions, has more recently focused its Research & Development capabilities upon the development of a new generation of advanced Paint Detackification programs. As a result of these efforts, Nalco is now able to offer its innovative APEX technology, including the first truly effective, environmentally-friendly paint detackifier chemistry.

APEX technology has been successfully implemented in paint booth systems using all kinds of paint types (polyurethanes, 2K clear coats, high solids primers, high solids solvent-borne basecoats, and high solids water-borne basecoats). APEX technology delivers complete paint detackification with improved overall system collection efficiency and cleanliness.

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