Cooling Water Treatment

May 22, 2014

Water is a unique molecule with basic properties that make it ideal for cooling water applications. For example, it is safe, easy to handle, widely available, and inexpensive in most industrialized regions of the world. Water is a more efficient heat transfer medium than many other materials, especially compared to air.

Water is often called the universal solvent – a property that can cause unwanted side effects for industrial applications. Water can dissolve many substances, including gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. As a result, water can cause corrosion of metals used in cooling tower systems. As water concentrates in cooling systems, dissolved ions may exceed the solubility of some minerals and form scale. The life-giving properties of water can also encourage bacterial growth that can foul system surfaces. These problems require proper water treatment and control to maintain the value of a cooling water system to the process it serves.

Cooling tower systems are an integral part of process operations in many industries. For continuous plant productivity, these systems require proper chemical treatment and preventive maintenance.

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