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Dry Strength Additives - A critical part of your operation

Apr 23, 2014

Dry strength is clearly a critical characteristic of board grades. Cationic starches have been the additive that has long dominated the dry strength market particularly in North America and Europe. Two industry trends have put a greater requirement on dry strength additives, namely the increased use of lower quality fiber sources and the increased closure of the mills’ water systems. These trends lead to the need to use larger amounts of starch and diminishing returns in the dose-dry strength relationship. Handsheet data obtained using recycle board furnishes from 2 mills are presented in this paper and show how the use of a dual additive approach of starch plus a synthetic polymer dry strength can be used to enhance the achievable dry strength in recycle high performance linerboard. These laboratory results were found to be consistent with the dry strength programs being run at the 2 mills.

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