Case Study

Food Plant saves 100,000 cubic meters of water per year

Apr 9, 2014

A major global food corporation needed help in preventing mineral concentration from exceeding maximum limits, and addressing water vapor and evaporation issues that were present at its facility.

Nalco was able to work closely with the corporation to develop and implement a comprehensive solution that enabled increasing recirculation water silica concentration over traditional levels. 3D TRASAR® Technology, 3DT-155 and the Nalco Deposit Monitor technologies were all integrated to help address the issues that were present at the facility.

Through integrating this new program, the facility saw water consumption reduction from cycles increase 38,500 m3/year. Additionally, there was a water consumption reduction from blowdown reuse of 70,000 m3/year. Both of these factors helped the facility realize economic water savings of $100K USD/year.

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