Case Study

Hotel Takes Steps to Conserve Water and Reduce Surface Water Use

Apr 9, 2014

Water use reduction efforts in the Las Vegas Valley have driven water use per resident per day down by more than 30 percent since 1990, from 347 gallons per day per resident to 248 gallons in 2008, and an estimated 223 gallons in 2011. Landscape irrigation accounts for 65 percent of total water use.

Part of the Las Vegas Valley sits atop an underground aquifer. Sites with existing wells are encouraged to use specific allotments of ground water to reduce the volume of surface water used. The hotel and casino well has used aquifer water (allocation: 233.87 acre feet per year) for landscape irrigation for several years.

The hotel had an aggressive sustainability strategy in place, and site personnel actively seek new ideas to reduce water and energy consumption and solid waste volume in an effort to reduce the total carbon footprint of the site.

The hotel and casino engineering and Nalco developed a strategy to utilize aquifer water as makeup water for the cooling towers. This would in effect use the aquifer water multiple times versus a single use for landscape irrigation. This change resulted in reduced water use of more than 57,444,000 gallons used since 2008. This is enough water saved to do 1,436,000 average washing machine loads.

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