Case Study

METRIX Technology helps linerboard mill reduce basis weight

Jun 28, 2016

In order to meet market need and fulfill increased containerboard demand, an integrated paperboard mill wanted to increase its production capacity and reduce its Total Cost of Operation (TCO).

The mill had struggled to run nominal basis weight to meet dry end sheet specifications on one of the Paper Machines. This forced the customer to run higher basis weight at reduced production rate due to steam limitation on the paper machine. Increased fiber utilization and decreased production rates have also increased the mill’s TCO.

To address the mill’s key business drivers, Nalco proposed using its patented METRIX Technology for Strength and Productivity.

METRIX technology has allowed this papermaker to effectively reduce their total cost of operation while obtaining increased strength, increased production, and target basis weight. The success of this customer provides an excellent example of METRIX technology providing environmentally sustainable results.

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