Case Study

Oil Separation Technology helps Steel Mill

Mar 31, 2014

Gallatin Steel is a mini-mill that produces steel coils through the Compact Strip Process (CSP). The Direct Contact Water (DCW) system provides cooling water for both the caster and rolling mill in a single combined system.


During equipment inspections, heavy oil and grease buildup was observed on the sand filter media. Backwash water channeling was also noted, indicating poor filter conditions. Sand filter media fouling resulted in high filter pressure differentials and an increase in required system pumping requirements. Consequently, to ensure proper system flow and to maintain peak production cold well levels, additional pump capacity and filtration appeared to be required.


A structured system audit process was conducted by Nalco experts. Audit results indicated that the scale pit was not operating at maximum system performance. Poor system performance was evident in reduced filter media life, with severe solids and hydrocarbon deposition of filter media. System mechanical, operational and chemical variables were examined to ensure a sustainable solution could be recommended. Nalco proposed maximizing the efficiency of the scale pit through the application of Nalco CAT-FLOC technology. A food processing plant was experiencing low make-up water hardness and high alkalinity issues, resulting in significant white rust problems that caused cost expenditures of $750,000 to replace failed cooling towers.

This food processing plant turned to Nalco for assistance to help them address these issues. An important key to the success of the program was the alarm notification feature of the automation equipment. Through implementing 3D TRASAR Technology for Cooling water, the plant was able to save 5 million gallons per year in reduced cooling water sewer costs. The plant was also able to save $10,000 per year in reduced cooling water sewer costs.

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