Case Study

PARETO Mixing Technology delivers Sustainability and Productivity

Apr 9, 2014

Suzano Papel e Celose, a Latin American UCFS paper producer, needed Nalco’s help to reduce its overall operating costs by improving On-Machine Efficiency (OME), increasing machine speed and sheet ash content, and reducing chemical costs at its facility.

Through implementation of Nalco’s PARETO™ Mixing Technology, the mill was able to systematically improve the performance of their wet-end program. This technology also enabled the use of filtered white water to achieve the correct secondary dilutions.

The mill was able to achieve water savings of more than 29,000 gallons/day and resulted in $20,000/year in savings. Through using PARETO Mixing Technology, daily production also increased 2.5 percent, with flocculant treatment decreasing 45 percent.

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