Case Study

PARETO Mixing Technology Saves Water and Energy

Mar 31, 2014

Due to the adverse effect retention programs can have on sheet formation a UCFS manufacturer was being forced to run a retention program in the pre-screen application point on most of its grades. The mill needed to implement a technology that would allow them to run their RDF program in the post-screen application point.

Through working with Nalco, the mill was able to utilize PARETO Mixing Technology to run the RDF program post-screen without adversely affecting formation, saving $25K/year in water savings. Using this technology also allowed the mill to effectively conserve energy and water, as well as increase retention.

Flocculant and microparticle dosages were reduced by as much as 41 percent through using PARETO technology, and because of improved mixing performance, formation was maintained. Tray solids also decreased by up to 22 percent, while overall retention increased 5.2 percent.

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