POSITEK 3G™ Microparticle Technology

May 22, 2014

POSITEK 3G is the latest generation in Nalco microparticle program technology.  The program is designed to promote drainage and retention without causing any negative effects caused by over-flocculation.

POSITEK 3G is a high performance retention and drainage program comprised of individual components, including coagulants for a fresh source of cationic material, retention aids for retention control, microparticle for drainage control and the services of a Nalco on-site wet-end expert. Using this program gives the papermaker the tools to optimize machine performance.

POSITEK 3G 8699 is a colloidal silica dispersion that is specifically structured to enhance retention and drainage in acid and alkaline paperboard, tissue and towel, bleached board, corrugated medium, ground wood, and wood-free fine paper systems.

POSITEK 3G 8699 microparticle addition is used to promote drainage in a controllable way and increase retention of filler and fiber fines. This approach has demonstrated increased retentions can be achieved while maintaining or increasing formation and optimizing sheet properties.

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