Case Study

Turnkey Solution Saves over 200,000 Gallons of Water per Year

Apr 9, 2014

By way of renovation projects, a commercial building owner in Seattle, Wash., sought to maintain and attract more tenants through upgrades, including a long-term sustainability program. This long-term program would include several important building upgrades, while also seeking to attain the industry’s highly coveted Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) status award.

The local Nalco sales engineers gladly accepted the unique challenge posed by this important project. Quite simply, Nalco had the relationship and technical resources to deliver the right people with the right solution at the right time!

The Nalco Water Harvesting project was able to provide a 3.4 year payback while winning the coveted LEED Platinum status, the highest award granted by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). This commitment to innovation and investment in long-term Sustainability allowed the building to close a $6.77 million long-term lease (10 years) with a new tenant, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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