Yeast Activity Monitor

May 20, 2014

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor measures yeast metabolic activity, providing a direct measurement of fermentation and propagation performance. This knowledge enables brewers to adjust process factors to obtain peak performance, resulting in a more consistent, high quality product and decreased total cost of operation.

The Nalco Yeast Activity Monitor consistently measures metabolic activity rates in under 3 minutes.

Yeast Activity Monitor Brewing Applications

Yeast propagation
  • Maximize activity per cell
  • Optimize transfer to fermentation
Cropped yeast quality
  • Reuse or discard?
Cropped yeast storage/transport
  • Still good to use?
Fermentation pitching rates
  • Determine pitch rates based on activity
  • Improve fermentation time, flavor profiles, etc.
Fermentation monitoring
  • Visualize batch kinetics

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