EnCompass™ Dilution Management System

Provide controls to help ensure accuracy and reliability for each disinfectant dispensed. Foundational to the EnCompass™ program is the use of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) methodology to monitor and control key process input variables. A critical input to control is the accuracy of the disinfectant solution applied to surfaces in your hospital.

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  • Appropriate disinfectant concentration is delivered to microfiber cloths and mops
  • Pump dosed disinfectant eliminates risk of plugged metering tips
  • Pressure regulator eliminates dispensing variability due to water pressure
  • Eliminates staff lifting and inserting product container at each dispense
  • Internal filter prevents water line debris from plugging dispenser components
  • Easy to use selector switch
  • Large push buttons with “turn to lock” feature for large dispense volumes which helps avoid accidental dispensing of inaccurate product
  • Color-coded product labels with product use icons
  • Up to 4 unique products to fill work bottles
  • Up to 3 unique products to fill buckets
  • Powered by a battery pack

 Dimensions:  22 x 19 x 8 inches

  • Atmospheric vacuum breakers for backflow compliance
  • Powered by 24VAC wall transformer or battery pack
  • Peristaltic pump dosed disinfectant
  • Internal filter to prevent debris from plugging dispenser components.


Simple installation with wall mount bracket
Hook up: Water connection via garden hose fittings


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