Krofta Sandfloat

Ecolab offers the Krofta Sandfloat dissolved air flotation (DAF) solution, because sometimes there just isn't space for three pieces of equipment. Capitalizing on limited space, the Krofta Sandfloat combines flocculation, flotation and filtration in one complete system for ultimate efficiency. This integrated solution gives facilities the advantage of maintaining rigorous production demands while streamlining operations and saving on costs, and is ideally suited for numerous wastewater...

Equipment details

  • Features & Benefits

  • Sandfloat at a Glance

  • Combined flocculation, flotation and filtration
  • Continuous backwash
  • Small footprint
  • Hydraulic capacity range from 65-16,000 GPM
  • High clarification
  • Patented Krofta Spiral Scoop
  • Reduction of filterable suspended solids meet PCA requirements
  • Flocculating chemical treatments can be added depending on effluent

  • Flocculation, flotation and filtration in one efficient system
  • Continuous online backwash
  • High hydraulic capacity
  • Lower construction and installation costs
  • Compact, stainless steel design
  • Less maintenance
  • Krofta ADT component

How it works.
When you combine three systems into one piece of equipment, you significantly cut your construction and installation costs. With the Krofta Sandfloat from Ecolab, you also dramatically increase your production capacity. Offering higher hydraulic performance when compared with competing filtration systems, the Krofta Sandfloat saves space, time and costs while optimizing production.

Steps in the Krofta Sandfloat process:

  • Untreated effluent arrives in the center distributor via gravity or pump
  • Effluent mixes with air from the recycled air carrier water
  • Effluent and air mixture enters the tank
  • Fine air bubbles lift the suspended, flocculated solids to the water surface
  • Heavier particles settle to the tank floor
  • Clear water between the floated and settled solids is discharged and flows through an adjustable outlet weir
  • Floated matter (sludge) is removed by the rotating spiral scoop
  • Sludge is discharged through a pipe in the center distributor
  • Suspended bottom scraper pushes sludge to the center of the tank and into a sludge pit
  • Sludge is removed intermittently through an automatically operated pneumatic valve
  • Recycled air carrier water is pumped at a pressure of about 80 psi into the retention tank
  • Compressed air enters the retention tank directly
  • Air carrier water is released into the center distributor after mixing with the raw influent

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