Krofta Spray Filter

The paper and pulp industry has unique challenges when it comes to water treatment, and the Krofta Spray Filter is engineered to provide equally unique solutions. Designed for high throughput units, the Krofta Spray Filter can handle wide variations of solid content, and is ideally suited for fiber fractionation, felt hair recovery, shower nozzle protection, and effluent polishing before or after dissolved air flotation.

Equipment details

  • Features & Benefits

  • Simple operation with few moving parts and low rpm
  • Self-cleaning components
  • No fresh water required
  • Open, non-clogging cleaning shower nozzles
  • Filtered water can be used in the shower
  • Wide access door allows for easy maintenance, cloth changing and interior access
  • Cost-effective, dependable filter screens
  • Simple operation with few moving parts and low rpm

Multiple applications. A single separation solution.
The Krofta Spray Filter produces high-quality separation in numerous operations and industrial mills including de-inking plants, board mills and fine paper and tissue mills.

De-inking plants

  • Separates good fibers, fine fibers and ink
  • Higher yield
  • Clay content in the stock
  • Reduced disposal requirements

Board mills

  • Fractionation of longer fibers from effluent
  • Long fraction used in liner stock
  • Fine fraction used in filler stock

Fine paper and tissue mills

  • Fiber recovery
  • Effluent fractionation
  • Less total sludge volume

How it works.
Engineered for the filtration of effluents containing 200 - 5000 ppm of solids, the Krofta Spray Filter uses a fine mesh cloth (75-500 microns) to filter and separate long fibers from clay and filler. The mesh cloth also serves as a safety filter for showers using clarified water, and the internal shower allows for easy self-cleaning procedures.

  • Water enters the system with a pressure of about 0.8 kg/cm2 (11PSI)
  • Water is evenly sprayed against a fine plastic cloth fastened to a drum
  • Coarse fraction falls inside the cloth cylinder and is discharged for reuse
  • Fine fraction passes through the cloth and is discharged
  • Gear motor continuously turns the cloth drum
  • Intermittent cleaning shower sprays the cloth clean
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