Krofta Supracell

One of the many liquid-solid separation challenges faced by facilities is processing effluent from multiple wastewater streams. Fortunately, the Krofta Supracell circular DAF clarifier provides small volume and high output water clarification in a circular footprint while offering low retention time for maximum efficiencies for operations. Further benefits include stainless steel construction, a shallow tank, minimized sludge disposal costs and low maintenance.

Equipment details

  • Features & Benefits

  • Supracell at a Glance

  • High specific clarification capacity
  • Low installation costs with a minimal load factor and the elimination of heavy supports
  • Mobile construction, offering easy relocation, if necessary
  • Ability to stack equipment to maximize limited space
  • Easy cleaning and self-cleaning procedures
  • High degree of clarity
  • Generates thicker sludge consistency, requiring less area needed for beds

  • Circular footprint ideal for limited space
  • Air Dissolving Tube (ADT) provides lower air consumption and better performance
  • System provides higher hydraulic capacity
  • Stainless steel construction provides lower maintenance costs
  • 20 standard sizes offering a guide capacity range

How it works.
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology was developed by Milos Krofta and now serves as one of the most effective solutions for wastewater treatment in a number of applications including municipal wastewater, food and beverage processing and industrial processing. The Krofta Supracell circular clarifier utilizes DAF technology to float solids to the top of the water surface where it is removed as sludge.

Steps in the Krofta Supracell process:

  • Raw recycled water enters the system and is pressurized to 4 - 6 BAR
  • Water rotates in the system and mixes with compressed air
  • Air is released to atmospheric pressure in the flotation cell
  • Suspended solids attach themselves to the air bubbles
  • Solids rise to the surface in the form of sludge
  • Sludge is discharged for recycling or disposal
  • Clarified water, which contains less than 30 ppm of suspended solids, is removed through extraction pipes
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