Nalco Global Gateway™

Nalco has now made it even easier to get connected to 3D TRASAR™ Web and link to valuable added services such as Nalco 360™ Service and Nalco Tank Level Monitoring. The new Nalco Global Gateway provides hassle free wireless data service for any 3D TRASAR controller, with a one-time fee of for existing 3D TRASAR controllers, NO monthly billing, NO annual subscription renewals and NO burden or expense to install a phone line.

Equipment details

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To order new 3D TRASAR Cooling or Boiler Technology controllers with an Nalco Global Gateway*:

 New 3D TRASAR Technology for Cooling Water Systems  Part Number
 3D TRASAR Starter System  060-TR3500.88
 3D TRASAR Classic System  060-TR5500.88

What's included:

  1. 3D TRASAR Technology for Cooling Water system (classic or starter) 
  2. Nalco Global Gateway 
  3. AT&T wireless data service (no renewal needed) 
  4. Nalco 360 capable

 New 3D TRASAR Technlogy for Boilers Systems  Part Number 
 3D TRASAR Boiler System (Fluorometer + NCSM)  060-BL5521.88
 3D TRASAR Boiler System (Fluorometer only)  060-BL5421.88
 3D TRASAR Boiler System (NCSM only)  060-BL5300.88

 What's included:

  1. 3D TRASAR boiler system 
  2. Nalco Global Gateway 
  3. AT&T wireless data service (no renewal needed)

To order a Nalco Global Gateway for your existing 3D TRASAR Systems:

 Existing 3D TRASAR Systems  Part Number 
 NGG and Wireless Data Service  060-NGG100.88

What's included:

  1. Nalco Global Gateway 
  2. AT&T wireless data service (no renewal needed) 
  3. Nalco 360 capable

More information on the Nalco Global Gateway is available here.

*Additional models available, please contact your local Nalco Sales Engineer for more information.

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