2014 National Restaurant Association Show

May 17 - 20, 2014
McCormick Place in Chicago, IL

At 2014 National Restaurant Association show, we enjoyed having thousands of visitors at our booth to experience for themselves our comprehensive selection of programs and solutions for foodservice operators. Relive the experience or see something new.

Business Case for Clean

Recent studies conducted by Purdue University and 80,000 surveys associated with Technomic's Consumer Restaurant Brand Metrics Program looked at the most important aspects of the dining experience for guests. Both studies uncovered that cleanliness of tableware, interiors, food prep areas and restrooms are among the top considerations for guests when determining where to eat. Listen to the experts and the NRA’s President and CEO discuss why clean matters in driving business results.

Food Safety

What are the 7 most common fruits and vegetables linked with foodborne illness? Show attendees wanted to know when they stopped by for a product demonstration of our new Antimicrobial Fruit and Vegetable Treatment. Learn more about this product and our array of food safety solutions -- all brought to life with world-class service and training.


Does one-pass warewashing seem like a dream? Our dishroom experts showed visitors how they can get more control over their warewashing operations and possibly save money associated with labor, energy, water and waste. They also learned how leasing vs. owning a dishmachine can save thousands of dollars each year.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Is it surprise to learn that 4 of the top 10 things restaurant customers say are the most important in choosing where to eat involve cleanliness? Visitors to our booth learned why cleaning and sanitizing matters to customers when it comes to tableware, the interior, food prep areas and restrooms – and how the level of cleanliness impacts the bottom line.
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Kitchen Equipment Repair

If kitchen equipment is down your foodservice operations can come to a screeching halt. Show attendees stopped by the booth to learn how our Equipment Care programs can help increase equipment uptime, reduce costs and provide 24/7 emergency service when incidents occur.
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EcoSure Quality Assurance

Did you know that we’ve partnered with leading U.S. restaurants to help eliminate 74% of critical food safety violations? Our experts explained to attendees how we can assess problem areas, train staff and help improve operations, brand standards and workplace safety.
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Water Filtration

Got sparkling ice? Crystal clean water? Mixed drinks that taste great? Our water filtration experts were on hand at the NRA show to demonstrate the difference our water program can make in helping to enhance customer satisfaction.
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Pest Elimination

Did you meet the “Eliminator” at the show? With our Pest Elimination Services we don’t just control pest - we eliminate them. At the show, visitors learned about how our partnership helps to minimize health department inspection citations and fines by reducing both food safety and health risks.

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