Bernhard Meyer, Ph.D.

Dr. Meyer’s scientific work concentrates on infection prevention in healthcare, with a specific focus on hand hygiene, instrument reprocessing and environmental hygiene. He has conducted several studies on disinfectants, antiseptics and their impact on human health. Dr. Meyer is an author of more than 20 scientific articles and book chapters and was a lecturer at the Academy of Public Health in Dusseldorf, Germany, for over 15 years.
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Bernhard Meyer, Ph.D.
RD&E Healthcare, Senior Scientist

Dr. Meyer supports product development and technical service in terms of product efficacy and application testing. He develops test strategies for screening and confirmatory testing and is further in charge of interpreting results and approving claims. Dr. Meyer is actively involved in scientific publications and committee work. In addition to that, he is a respected lecturer in international events in the EMEA region. An important part of Dr. Meyer’s work consists of cooperation with the Regulatory Affairs team when registering new biocides, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. He also supports Regulatory Affairs in advocacy for guideline development to ensure compliance of products.

Bernhard Meyer studied biology at the University of Bonn in Germany after which he continued scientific work at his home university, at the Institute for Microbiology. After completing his doctoral thesis, Dr. Meyer moved on to work in the chemical industry, having supported several divisions at Ecolab and later focusing on microbiological support for the healthcare division in particular. Dr. Meyer is a member of the Disinfectants Test Method Commission of the Society for Applied Hygiene in Germany and of the German Standards Institute and a respected member of the Ecolab RD&E community that is based at the state of the art facility in Monheim, Germany.