Nadine Goehring, Ph.D.

Nadine Goehring is an experienced medical microbiologist with focus on microbiological efficacy tests for biocides, medical devices and medicinal products, as well as scientific support in the area of infection prevention within the hospital setting.

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Nadine Goehring, Ph.D.
RD&E Healthcare, Principal Microbiologist

Nadine is responsible for the coordination of the efficacy testing for the entire product portfolio for the cleanroom area with respect to biocidal product regulation and is actively involved in efficacy test method development as a committee member at the German Institute for Standardization. In addition, she is involved in product development for the EMEA region and also globally, and acts as subject matter expert for scientific publications and customer communications. Training at customer sites is an important part of how Nadine shares her expertise with our customers.

Nadine served as a research associate at the University of Leeds and after obtaining a doctorate degree in medical microbiology from the Eberhard-Karls-Universität in Tübingen, Germany, she went on to conduct a post doctorate study at the Hospital of the University of Tübingen. Nadine joined Ecolab in 2012 and is an active member of Ecolab’s European RD&E team based in Monheim, Germany.