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The EcoSure Food Safety Monitor is a free monthly newsletter covering federal and state regulatory updates, current research, seasonal food safety issues, “hot” topics in food safety and more. It is written by EcoSure Food Safety and Public Health Manager Mandy Sedlak.

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Read past issues of the Food Safety Monitor newsletter.

January 2018

  • Your health is in your hands
  • Here and now: listeriosis
  • Keeping up with food safety regulations: Ohio
  • Ask Mandy: Does the color of mold (e.g. pink or black) indicate conditions on a food contact surface?

December 2017

  • Noro, oh no! 
  • Keeping up with recalls
  • FDA product sampling priorities: Avocado products and herbs
  • Ask Mandy: How can I protect my New Year’s Eve guests from food-borne illness?

November 2017

  • The 10-letter word: Hepatitis A
  • Breaking it down:The food code by population, that is
  • Keep up with food safety and its ever-changing guidelines to protect the public’s health
  • Knowing why people in the food industry call in sick could help us prevent them from working sick
  • Ask Mandy: Beginning in December
  • Ecolab Food Safety Matters quarterly webinars 

October 2017

  • Food safety tips for Halloween and fall party-goers and party-throwers
  • EcoSure welcomes Mandy Sedlak
  • New Illinois law requires food-allergy training for restaurants
  • Hepatitis A and food service workers (infectious hepatitis)
  • Paying attention to food recalls
  • Ask the Expert: Whole fruit for purchase

September 2017

  • Hawaii revises food safety regulations
  • Food safety tips for weather emergencies/power outages
  • EdNet: The National Food Safety Educator's Network
  • Ask the Expert: Multi-lingual training

August 2017

  • U.S. CDC Foodborne Illness Report
  • September is National Food Safety Month
  • Bacteria and blowing out candles on a birthday cake
  • Food code adoption by state update
  • Ask the Expert: Sanitizer temperature and proper labeling

July 2017

  • Food safety expert David Theno dies in swimming accident
  • Summer is here...cold holding challenges
  • FSIS revises directive on lethality and stabilization verification
  • Food code adoption by state
  • Ask the Expert: Bacon holding procedures and ice delivery

June 2017

  • CDC's National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS) 2015 summary report
  • Increased danger with shellfish as summer arrives
  • FDA to extend compliance dates for nutrition facts label final rules
  • "Avocado hand" - who knew avocados could be dangerous
  • Ask the Expert: Non-continuous cooking of raw animal foods

May 2017

  • Allergen awareness in food service
  • FDA extends menu labeling compliance date to 2018
  • Looking for food safety management, food handling, and alcohol service regulatory requirements
  • FoodNet 2016 preliminary data
  • Ask the Expert: Table tops as food contact surfaces

April 2017

  • In need of U.S. food bacterial outbreak data
  • Tips for dealing with bird flu
  • Food safety tips for weather emergencies/food outages
  • Review of sanitation and cleaning practices
  • Ask the Expert: Table tops as food contact surfaces and microwave heating and cooking

March 2017

  • New Mexico foodservice manager requirements update
  • Montgomery County, Maryland allergen awareness training
  • Controlling listeria in retail delicatessens
  • Date labeling initiative
  • Food Safety Summit 2017 offers new training courses

January/February 2017

  • Note regarding Miriam
  • Powdered disposable glove issues
  • Food emergency response job aids
  • Review of sanitation and cleaning practices
  • Ask the Expert: Those red and green buckets

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