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The EcoSure Food Safety Monitor  is a free monthly newsletter covering federal and state regulatory updates, current research, seasonal food safety issues, “hot” topics in food safety as well as an “Ask the Expert” feature. The Monitor  is written by EcoSure Food Safety & Public Health experts. EcoSure is a division of Ecolab. 
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Download past issues of the Food Safety Monitor newsletter.

January/February 2017

  • Note regarding Miriam
  • Powdered disposable glove issues
  • Food emergency response job aids
  • Review of sanitation and cleaning practices
  • Ask the Expert: Those red and green buckets

December 2016

  • Note from Miriam
  • Keeping ready when the health department is not showing up
  • New interpretations now available in the Food Code Reference System (FCRS)
  • FDA aligns menu-labeling compliance and enforcement
  • USDA suggests "Best if Used By" labeling on meats and other foods to aid in decreasing food waste
  • Ask the Expert: Pest control glue strips

November 2016

  • Food Code Update: Michigan 
  • Food Code Update: Illinois
  • FDA/FSIS Consumer Food Safety Survey
  • Flu Season: A Reminder
  • Ask the Expert: Allergens and Warewashing Machines
  • Ask the Expert: Bleach as Virocide

October 2016

  • Take time to reinforce the basics of food safety
  • CDC restaurant food handling and food safety practices studies
  • Food Code Updates: Virginia and Alabama
  • Paying attention to food recalls
  • Ask the Expert: Beard covers

September 2016

  • New EcoSure program helps foodservice providers protect against norovirus
  • Whole genome sequencing: The Basics
  • Is the five-second rule true?
  • Free public health webinar: Preparing for flu season
  • Ask the Expert: Adhesive bandages and gloves

August 2016

  • September is National Food Safety Month
  • Texas mandate of statewide food handler certification goes into effect September 1
  • Weather-related food safety guidance
  • Ask the Expert: Sneeze guards

July 2016

  • Hey, it’s hot out there!
  • Ecolab readiness kits and fact sheets for Norovirus and Salmonella
  • CDC top outbreak list: fish, chicken and raw milk
  • Ohio manager and food handler requirements
  • New Mexico update
  • Ask the expert: ice delivery
  • Ecolab Food Safety Matters webinar - Norovirus: Managing risk of food-borne viruses 

June 2016

  • FDA postpones menu labeling enforcement
  • State-by-state Food Code update
  • Norovirus: What can I do?
  • New York City council update
  • Ask the Expert: Multi-lingual training
  • FDA postpones menu labeling enforcement



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