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  • glasscleaner140x160

    EnCompass® Glass Cleaner Concentrate

    Heavy-duty non-ammoniated glass surface cleaner for acute care housekeeping use specially formulated to remove soils, smoke and grease films on glass surfaces, mirrors, windows, Plexiglas, marble and plastic. Dries quickly to leave surfaces sparkling clean and clear. Will not cloud acrylic and other plastic surfaces. Will not degrade silver backing on mirrors. Not for use on food contact surfaces.

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  • blank

    EnCompass® High Performance Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate

    EnCompass High Performance Neutral Floor Cleaner is an ultra low foaming, neutral floor cleaner designed for daily use in automatic scrubbers and mop buckets. The powerful blend of surfactants can be used with hard or soft water on most floor surfaces and are designed to remove soils without leaving a film or haze. Cleans without removing finish or dulling gloss and does not require rinsing.

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  • encompassNDC140x160

    (EnCompass®) Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner

    A neutral pH, dual-chain quaternary ammonium-based one-step disinfectant/detergent/deodorant with bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal efficacy. 10 minute contact times for broad spectrum of microorganisms.  Effective in hard or soft water.

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  • odor140x160

    (EnCompass®) Odor Counteractant

    Eliminates unpleasant odors according to the principle of odor pair neutralization.  Provides an immediate malodor knockdown plus residual control for up to ten hours. Suitable for contact and space spray application. Will not stain washable surfaces when used as directed.

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  • quatdisinfectcleaner140x160

    (EnCompass®) Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner

    One-step disinfectant/cleaner and deodorizer that is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms (as listed on the label) with 10 minute contact time.  For use on hard, non-porous surfaces like floors, walls, toilet bowl surfaces, sinks, showers, lavatory fixtures, finished woodwork, vinyl and plastic upholstery, etc. Effective bactericide and virucide in hard water up to 400 ppm hardness.

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  • TB Disinfectant Cleaner

    (EnCompass®) TB Disinfectant Cleaner RTU

    A dual-chain quaternary ammonium-based, ready-to-use one-step disinfectant/cleaner/deodorizer with bactericidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties.  Formulated to kill a wide variety of microorganism in 3 minutes on hard non-porous, inanimate environmental surfaces.

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