Delivering infection prevention solutions to improve cleanliness,
operational efficiency & help you focus on delivering quality
patient care & improved outcomes.

Comprehensive cleaning helps reduce the risk of infection.

Helping protect patients through comprehensive cleaning

A clean healthcare environment is critical to helping reduce the risk of infection. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die from HAIs (healthcare-aquired infections.) In response, we developed EnCompass, a complete environmental hygiene program to eliminate healthcare-associated pathogens and ensure patient room hygiene. With proper staff training and monitoring, we can help you improve cleaning outcomes and reduce risk.

Markets We Serve

Hospital and Surgery Centers - boy staring out window while sitting on hospital bed

Hospitals & Surgery Centers

Innovative, enterprise-wide health, quality and safety protection solutions to optimize efficiency and lower total costs.

Long Term Care

Our comprehensive cleaning, compliance, safety and operational solutions can help you attend to the comfort and safety of your residents while maximizing...
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OEM Healthcare Manufacturing

From device design to regulatory compliance/tech support, we offer complete custom solutions that help provide clean and protected healthcare environments.
Ambulance racing on street with lights flashing

Veterinary Care, EMS & Dental (Alternate Care)

For the world of EMS, Dental and Veterinary Care, Ecolab offers a variety of innovative products and services designed for these specialty markets.

*Note: Medical devices advertised here may not have been licensed in accordance with regional regulations or country specific (e.g. Canadian) laws. Consult your Ecolab representative for more information.

Global Healthcare Certifications

Showcases all of the various manufacturing certifications from our locations around the globe.


Healthcare OEM Services Brochure
April 01, 2014

Healthcare OEM Services Brochure

Your trusted medical device original equipment manufacturer.

Ecolab Aquanomic Laundry Program for Long Term Care
March 18, 2014

Ecolab Aquanomic Laundry Program for Long Term Care

See how Aquanomic Laundry Program for long term care delivers hygienically clean results with proven...

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