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Innovating for a greener paint shop

When the auto industry wanted to clean up its detackification system, it came to us for an environmentally sound solution. Current systems for automotive paint booth maintenance were treated with melamine formaldehyde. After extensive research and testing, we developed the first effective paint detackification chemistry made from renewable resources. Our award-winning program reduced chemical use, solid waste and water use and got the auto industry on track to improved sustainability.

Markets We Serve


Aerospace & Defense

Whether you are producing commercial or military aircraft, jet engines or specialized parts, we are here to help you address the most important issues...

Agricultural & Construction Equipment

We understand the challenges facing today’s equipment manufacturers – and we are committed to helping you optimize site water usage, reduce energy...


We understand the production and economic challenges facing today’s automotive manufacturers. Our commitment to optimize site water usage, reduce energy...

Building Materials

Our solutions address industrial processing challenges across all areas of the building materials sector. We can help you manage your use of water, reduce ...

Corrugated Box

Your boiler is at the heart of your manufacturing process, and any interruption or variation in steam quality can quickly lead to poor bonding and...


Solutions for producing automotive glass, flat glass, container glass, continuous filament glass and more.

Household & Personal Care

Discover leading CIP and engineering solutions that utilize cGMP validated products to enhance personal care product quality, protect brands, comply with...


Your business is made up of processes with critical cooling and high purity water and air requirements. We can help you ensure reliability while...


Enhance pharmaceutical product quality, sustainability and operational efficiency by working with the leader in clean-in-place solutions.


Our innovative solutions can help you achieve your goals by addressing the issues you face on a daily basis. We can help you extend asset life, reduce...

Tire & Rubber Products

Tire and rubber production processes have critical heating and cooling needs, and we know that managing your water use is essential to controlling...


3D TRASAR Technology: A Complete Suite of Offerings
May 14, 2015

3D TRASAR Technology: A Complete Suite of Offerings

Optimize Sustainability and Drive Operational Efficiency

Download 3D TRASAR Technology: A Complete Suite of Offerings
Dry Batch Optimizer Reduces Fuel and Water Consumption
April 13, 2015

Dry Batch Optimizer Reduces Fuel and Water Consumption

Dry Batch Optimizer Reduces Fuel and Water Consumption

View Document Dry Batch Optimizer Reduces Fuel and Water Consumption
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