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Increasing recovery and improving finished product quality through water and process technologies that are economically and environmentally sustainable.

Finding the balance

Water is essential in the steel production process. Steel producers conserve and reuse water whenever possible. When one of our steel customers faced water balance challenges, it came to us for a solution. After an audit, we found the current system was stressing equipment and causing excess fresh water use. By installing our 3D TARSAR technology with our 360 Service, we were able to stabilize the balance issues while helping reduce water usage.

Markets We Serve


Alumina & Bauxite

We apply our knowledge about how chemical problems work under unique refinery conditions to help you prevent and solve operating problems, improve...

Aluminum Smelting & Casting

We have developed, implemented and sustained significant technology in your industry for more than 40 years. We can help you prevent and solve operating...

Coal Mining

Our programs impact productivity, safety and profitability and help prolong the usefulness of a mine by stretching impoundment life. As your partner, we...

Copper, Nickel & Molybdenum

Providing solutions to help maximize productivity and profitability.

Gold, Silver & Platinum

Process design for recovery of gold and silver varies substantially today depending upon the combination of metals present in the ore...

Industrial Minerals

Minerals that you extract and process are vital to making products that are used every day. We can help you maximize the production of these minerals.

Investment Casting

Our combination of dedicated industry experts and high-quality products provide the product and process optimization necessary to keep your shell room...

Iron & Steel Making

Our innovative solutions are environmentally and economically sustainable – and engineered to deliver results under the stressful and demanding conditions ...

Iron Ore

Helping customers to achieve their operating and sustainable goals.

Phosphate & Potash

We can help you define and implement programs that maximize production rates and minimize total cost. With broad expertise in your industry, we can help...

Sand, Gravel & Cement

We’ll partner with you to help you meet or exceed environmental and safety regulations, while minimizing operating costs and maximizing production.


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