Oil & Gas Midstream

Our NACE-accredited, OQ-certified pipeline personnel are committed to helping our customers maintain the integrity of their midstream oil and gas infrastructure.

Sustainable Pipeline Protection for the Midstream Market

The midstream market has experienced an increased need for asset integrity intervention in recent years. More heavy oil means more corrosion - we are developing technologies to safeguard pipelines at a lower cost with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Markets We Serve


Gas Processing

We are the leader in providing water treatment and process chemicals to natural gas processers.

Transportation & Distribution

We offer a suite of effective solutions, chemistries and services to our midstream customers.

We are site-specific

Every transmission system is unique. That's why we take a methodical and site-specific approach to program development. We partner with our customers to produce a system risk assessment with topographical mapping and an array of commercial and proprietary modeling programs, resulting in a detailed and comprehensive treatment and monitoring program.

Regulatory compliance

To help our customers maintain peak efficiency and compliance, we implement customized monitoring, maintenance and remediation procedures, backed by all the requisite recordkeeping and reporting. We are familiar with 49 CFR Part 192 (Gas) and Part 195 (Liquids) regulations and can help you stay one step ahead, avoiding safety issues, pollution and threats to public safety.

Miles of pipeline support

We provide asset-integrity support to over 10,000 miles of customer pipeline across North America with a dedicated infrastructure of personnel, equipment and technology. We perform modeling for gas and liquid flow, corrosion, hydrates and GIS mapping before implementing the necessary solutions, including hydro testing and pickling.

Corrosion management

Every year, corrosion costs the industry tens of billions of dollars. Worst-case scenarios can lead to environmental pollution or safety threats–making proactive treatment a prudent investment. We pursue and implement the most advanced corrosion-mitigation technologies and are ready to help optimize the life of your processing assets.

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