Refining, Fuel Additives & Petrochemicals

We are the global leader in oil refining process treatments, fuel additives, petrochemical processes and water treatment—providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

Essential Downstream Expertise

Nalco Champion is the global leader in refining process treatments, fuel additives, petrochemical processes and water treatments. We understand that refining and petrochemical operations are more challenging than ever, and we provide the technology, expertise and reach to help you meet the growing global demand for cheap, clean and abundant energy.

Markets We Serve



Through Acryl-Ex we create solutions for monomer producers that increase their competitive advantage.


We partner with you to reduce water use, optimize product quality and help you extract maximum value from every step of the production process.


We pioneered process additives for butadiene processing and provide key treatment solutions.


We are a process treatment provider dedicated to improving ethylene production operations.

Fuel Additives

We offer a comprehensive range of fuel additives and services for the oil and gas industry.


DETACK for Polymers resolves manufacturing and quality issues relating to sticky polymers.


We provide chemical solutions for the oil refining process designed to meet refinery industry needs.

Specialty Chemicals

We develop specialized, innovative and long-term solutions to help you achieve operational efficiency and HSE compliance.


Our PRISM Program has a proven track record of providing superior performance in polymer inhibition.

Refined technology

We take a total treatment approach to refinery processing. It combines advanced technology, committed R&D, experienced engineers and a global network of industry technical consultants. Our holistic methodology has resulted in innovations such as the 3D TRASAR program. This industry-leading water-treatment technology detects changing process parameters and then delivers the appropriate corrective treatment program.

A responsible approach

Our goal is to be a responsible steward of the resources and processes required to conduct our business. Our global policies for sustainability, health, the environment and safety comply with all respective domestic and international regulations, and reflect our commitment to our employees, customers and communities worldwide.


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