Healthcare Experts

Our healthcare and clinical experts develop clinical and educational programs to help hospitals improve environmental hygiene and reduce the transmission of pathogens to keep patients safe.

Nadine Goehring, Ph.D.

Nadine Goehring is an experienced medical microbiologist with focus on microbiological efficacy tests for biocides, medical devices and medicinal products, as well as scientific support in the area of infection prevention within the hospital setting.


Linda Homan, BSN, CIC

Linda Homan is responsible for the development of clinical and educational solutions, applied clinical research and incorporation of clinical best practices in all healthcare offerings.
Bernhard Meyer

Bernhard Meyer, Ph.D.

Dr. Meyer’s scientific work concentrates on infection prevention in healthcare, with a specific focus on hand hygiene, instrument reprocessing and environmental hygiene. He has conducted several studies on disinfectants, antiseptics and their impact on human health.


Kirsten Thompson, BS

Kirsten Thompson provides consulting services in areas of healthcare associated pathogens, sterile processing, skin health and environmental hygiene.

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