Board of Directors

Board Organization



The members of the Ecolab Inc. Board of Directors are annually elected to serve a 1-year term.  

The Board of Directors has appointed Jerry W. Levin as Lead Director.

Below find a summary of the Board's current committee assignments, including "independence" status under rules of the New York Stock Exchange.

The Board of Directors has determined that each of the current directors, with the exception of the directors identified below, is "independent," and meets the independence and other requirements of Section 303A.02 of the listing standards of the New York Stock Exchange, the regulations of the SEC and applicable law.

The Board's Independence policy can be found at Director Independence Standards.


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Director Independent Audit Committee Compensation Committee Finance Committee Governance Committee Safety, Health and Environment Committee
Douglas M. Baker Jr.            X
Barbara J. Beck X       X Vice-Chair
Leslie S. Biller X   X Chair    
Carl M. Casale X X    


Stephen I. Chazen X X   X    
Jerry A. Grundhofer X   Chair X    
Arthur J. Higgins X   X   Vice-Chair  
Joel W. Johnson X Chair     X  
Michael Larson  X     Vice-Chair   X
Jerry W. Levin X   X   Chair  
Robert L. Lumpkins X X       Chair
Victoria J. Reich X Vice-Chair       X
Mary M. VanDeWeghe X X   X    
Suzanne M. Vautrinot X X   X    
John J. Zillmer X   Vice-Chair   X