Nalco Champion pioneered process additives and treatment solutions for butadiene processing. Our industry-first innovations include antifoulants and antifoams tailored for extractive distillation technologies, comprehensive popcorn polymer management practices and low toxicity C4 stabilizers. Our technical consultants have unmatched experience in butadiene processing and can assist your plant in reaching improved throughput and reliability of operations.

Extractive Distillation of C4 Olefins

Nalco Champion has developed treatment methods tailored to address issues with front-end fractionation configurations, low quality feed stocks, and/or specific heat exchanger, compressor or tower design limitations.

Butadiene Purification

Nalco Champion is recognized throughout the butadiene industry for developing the most comprehensive package of operating practices, monitoring guidelines and treatment capabilities to manage popcorn polymer formation. We tailor our butadiene purification fouling and popcorn polymer control programs to the specific plant design in order to ensure safe, cost effective and reliable operations without adverse impact on product quality.

Butadiene Stabilization

Crude and intermediate C4 streams containing butadiene require stabilization to ensure the polyperoxide and butadiene polymer formation are controlled. Nalco Champion can provide cost effective, low toxicity stabilizers for both types of streams and applications. This state-of-the-art technology also reduces polymer formation in downstream purification processes.

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