No process treatment provider devotes as many resources to improving ethylene production operations as Nalco Champion. As the leader in process and water-treatment technology, we help ethylene plants remain profitable, reliable and sustainable. Our combination of state of art chemistry, monitoring, best practice guidelines, and automation technology delivers the most cost effective and reliable treatment programs available for the ethylene process.

The Industry Benchmark, Better than Ever

We treat more than 60 percent of the light ends units worldwide. That's more than all of our competitors combined. Actrene®,  our fouling-control product line, was introduced in 1985, when plant run lengths averaged only two years. Since then, generational upgrades have doubled those run lengths twice over, allowing plants to confidently run more than eight years between scheduled turnarounds, even under the most extreme operating conditions.

Focus on Quench Water and Dilution Steam Systems

Reliable dilution steam production is critical to operation of the ethylene unit. Any loss of performance can lead to excessive maintenance and steam costs and operational upsets. Nalco Champion continues to lead innovation in Dilution Steam Treatment through advances in quench water emulsion breakers, dilution steam generator antifoulants and dilution steam generator corrosion control automation.
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