Heavy Oil

Heavy oils pose a challenge for the oil and gas industry. Incoming crude often contains significant amounts of asphaltene and sand, which can impede fluid flow and separation-vessel operation. For over 60 years, Nalco Champion has developed emulsion-breaking technology, formulating custom solutions, often on-site. We’ve amassed an impressive range of specialized programs for our customers, addressing issues such as phase separation, flow assurance, production enhancement and water treatment.

Advancing the science

Nalco Champion collaborates with other members of the global community to advance heavy oil science through joint research projects and peer-reviewed technical papers. Through these activities, we continually reinforce a best-practices culture.

Sharpening the leading edge

Nalco Champion offers industry-leading analytical and product development capabilities, anchored by a global network of engineers, technical advisors and experienced field specialists. These teams are focused on solutions that meet your financial goals and promote operational efficiency.
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