High-Pressure / High-Temperature

Growing global energy demands have sent operators into some of the world’s most extreme, ultra-deepwater environments. To support these high-temperature, high-pressure applications, Nalco Champion offers targeted specialty chemistries, services and technologies. Our field-proven solutions improve production, asset integrity, recovery rates and environmental compliance.


Multiphase Transport

Subsea conditions make flow assurance challenging. Nalco Champion’s experts work on innovative chemistries to ensure our programs lead the way in paraffin and asphaltene control solutions. Our dedicated research labs use the most modern, sophisticated equipment for flowline modeling, deposition, rate prediction, restart modeling and asphaltene flocculation determination.

Umbilical chemistries

Nalco Champion leads in creating umbilical chemicals for ultra-deepwater applications. Our SurFlo™ Plus chemistries are proven to inhibit corrosion; prevent scale, hydrate, asphaltene, and/or paraffin deposits, and mitigate emulsion-related viscosity problems at low concentrations while remaining stable at temperatures ranging from near freezing to 300°F (120°C) or higher.

Solving Extreme Problems

Nalco Champion’s TIORCO division has solved problems in some of the most extreme and geologically challenging environments. Collaborating with our customers on more than 2,000 projects around the world has sharpened our ability to develop specialized, environmentally responsible solutions for optimizing productivity for our customers.

Your Depth Team™

Need deeper expertise? Nalco Champion’s Depth Team™ is a group of specialized engineers and industry experts focused solely on deepwater production. With experience in some of the world's most challenging locations, we lend unsurpassed knowledge on everything from purpose-designed chemicals to delivery systems.
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