Oil Sands

Extracting oil from oil sands can be a daunting process. Separating and upgrading bitumen before and during the froth treatment is technologically challenging. For 20 years, Nalco Champion has been a leader in bitumen froth treatment and the development and application of custom formulated demulsifiers. Our mining team has conducted applied research and provided field support to our customers, delivering chemistry solutions for bitumen separation, upgrading and asset integrity.

World-class technology

Our Sherwood Park Technical Center for Excellence is home to a Laboratory Hydrotransport Conditioning System (LHCS) that simulates bitumen hydrotransport and extraction, helping us formulate effective chemistries for recovery, froth quality and tailings settling. The LHCS is one of the few of its kind in the world.

Industry collaborations

We are an industrial partner in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Chair (NSERC IRC) in Oil Sands Engineering and active in a Joint Industry Partnership with the chair in Oil Sands Upgrading at the University of Alberta. And our researchers participate in key industry research consortia and organizations.

Complete capabilities

With two decades of oil-sands experience, reinforced by aggressive, world-class R&D, Nalco Champion has the resources to help producers successfully address issues such as phase separation, flow assurance, production enhancement and water treatment.

Robust research

Nalco Champion is known for making significant gains in oil sands research and, subsequently, the development of supporting technology. In fact, our reputation has led to joint development agreements with many customers, who benefit from both cutting-edge chemistries and cost efficiencies.
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