Prime polymer needs to be uniform in size and shape and flow smoothly through transport and storage. Achieving this isn’t always easy. Especially for polymers that are low-density, high copolymer content, low-crystallinity or high-melt flow index. Soft, sticky grades can tax your ingenuity to manufacture and supply. Our DETACK for Polymers resolves many of the manufacturing and quality issues associated with sticky polymers. No equipment modifications or capital investment required.

Your Polymer – Only Better

Since DETACK for Polymers is added post-reaction, it does not affect polymer structure. At typical treatment dosages it does not have any negative impact on final plastic properties. In fact, if current additives are causing side-effects like dusting or reduced adhesion, you will appreciate how DETACK lets your polymer performance shine through.

Broad Utility

Thermoplastics of all types can benefit from DETACK for Polymers. This program can improve manufacturing of a wide variety of polymers including homopolymers, copolymers, terpolymers, elastomers, random, block and cracked. DETACK treats plastics destined for food-contact, automotive, adhesive, films and many other applications.

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