A refinery is an infinitely complex system of processes, components and chemical reactions. Understanding those systems—how they work and how they relate—is crucial to operational and economic success. Even better, our upstream knowledge gives us insight on what’s coming down the pipe. With this unsurpassed depth of expertise, we can help you maximize your profits. We provide chemical solutions and programs designed to protect your assets, mitigate risk and meet your obligations on time.

Lighten the load of heavy oils

We offer advanced chemistries to help you protect your infrastructure during the complex process of creating higher-value products. Our heavy-oil upgrading programs are designed to mitigate fouling, corrosion, foaming and other side effects of heavy crude blends.

Process streams run deep

We have extensive knowledge of fouling, corrosion and catalyst contamination. Our Water and Process Solutions teams conduct systems audits and a variety of analyses, including water and refinery process streams, in order to provide a more specialized, effective solution.

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