Specialty Chemicals

As a leader in the petrochemical industry, Nalco Champion is uniquely qualified to identify, diagnose and treat process-related problems at ethylene and butadiene plants. Our approach is simple. We work with you on-site, broadly evaluating your systems—mechanical, operational and chemical—and how they work together. We then develop specialized, innovative and long-term solutions to help you achieve operational efficiency and HSE compliance.

Uptime downstream

No other company devotes as many technical resources to improving ethylene-plant operations, maintaining the integrity of your assets and ensuring potential process-related problems are proactively addressed—leveraging best-in-class chemistry and monitoring technologies.

Monitoring cooling systems

Cooling systems naturally attract problems that drive up water usage and costs. Our 3D TRASAR technology monitors your entire system in real-time, detects the conditions that precede these problems, and then proactively administers an ideal dosage of chemistries—resulting in less maintenance and lower operating costs.


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