With Nalco Champion, styrene producers have a proven resource for cost-effective and low-toxicity polymerization and corrosion control. Our PRISM Program has a proven track record of providing superior performance in polymer inhibition. We offer innovative products, an efficient and reliable supply chain, and the most experienced technical consultants supporting the styrene industry.

Technology Leadership

Nalco Champion has introduced the only automated control package for polymerization inhibitor control. This innovative technology ensures inhibitor is continuously optimized whilst maintaining polymerization under control during operation upsets.

Anticipating Your Needs

Nalco Champion has developed the most cost-effective and reliable nitro-phenol-free green retarders available in the market place. Nalco Champion pioneered green retarder technology and utilizes innovative chemistry, a decade of green retarder commercial experience, and an efficient global supply chain to ensure a safe and reliable low-toxicity polymerization control program.

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