Sustainable Energy and Water Solutions for Boiler Systems

Oct. 13, 2017 | Naperville, IL

Workshop Topics Sessions:

System Assurance Center – We will highlight our System Assurance Center, which monitors all systems linked through enVision. There will even be a live feed with the team over in Pune, India! This team includes over 100 highly trained engineers who investigate and resolve system upsets 24/7/365.

 Value of Pre-Treatment – Dive into the various methods of improving the feedwater to your boiler system as we discuss various types of equipment, including reverse osmosis (RO).

Value of Condensate – More condensate? More savings! We discuss why condensate is so important and detail some operating cost savings by ensuring proper condensate return.

Customer Experience Modules – Take a look into our all-new Nalco Water University with guided tours and hands-on activities. This event includes live interactions with the Customer Experience Center, a tour through various technology offerings like 3DTrasar for Boiler Technology, a brief course on our interactive learning board and more!

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