Ronald Bernard

Ronald Bernard


Ronald Bernard is assistant vice president of Water Safety Services at Nalco Water, an Ecolab Company. Ronald brings more than 35 years of experience to the Water Safety Service Group, specializing in water safety, pathogen risk assessment and management, as well as HVAC performance efficiency.

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Please contact us for more information regarding our AQUAPATH™ Water Safety Program, products, consulting and remedial services. We have a dedicated team of experts with practical experience to help you prepare a sustainable strategy to manage risk of waterborne pathogens associated with utility cooling and potable (drinking) water systems.

More About Ronald Bernard

Ronald is NSF Certified, with HAACP Certification. He and his nationwide team are dedicated to ensuring independent water safety, by providing hands-on problem solving expertise and comprehensive program solutions to companies around the globe. He has extensive experience helping organizations be compliant with ASHRAE 188, utilizing consistent processes for site-specific risk assessments and water safety management plans to address legionella risk mitigation and waterborne pathogens.

Ronald has extensive, broad-based industry experience with a primary focus in healthcare, long-term care, hospitality and commercial building segments. He and his team have assisted sites nationwide in both proactive measures to mitigate waterborne pathogen proliferation as well as reactive incident response risk mitigation and remediation.

Ronald is an expert in understanding building dynamics that support waterborne pathogen proliferation and how to address those risks using proven process-based Best Practices to mitigate risk with both verification documentation and effectiveness validation.

Ronald is followed by thousands on Linked-In relative to Legionella mitigation and waterborne pathogen control.