3D TRASAR Solid Cooling Water Program

Nalco is reinventing the way water is managed with our new fit-for-use solution for cooling water management – 3D TRASARTM Solid Cooling Water Program.
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With our 3D TRASAR Solid Cooling Water Program, you’ll enjoy:

A Smaller Footprint – 3 solid bricks of chemistry are equivalent to a 5-gallon pail of liquid chemistry and require one-third the inventory space.

Increased Safety – Forget hauling drums and pails upstairs and through narrow spaces. 3D TRASAR solid chemistry is packed in simple cardboard boxes that are easy to transport and are recyclable.

24/7/365 Peace of Mind – The web-based data management platform allows you to efficiently optimize operation and maximize performance. And the technology automatically responds to any system problem and sends an alarm to you and your service representative.

Sustainability – The 3D TRASAR Solid Cooling Water Program delivers significant energy and water savings along with a reduced carbon footprint and longer asset life.


Automation Platform

Critical decisions require round-the-clock access to information from all your sites... even your most remote operation. Our game changing automation platform gives you the power to accelerate your journey towards worldwide system assurance.

3D TRASAR™ Solid Cooling Water Program

Our Solid Cooling Water Program saves water and energy and delivers a smaller environmental footprint.


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