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Ecolab Pest Elimination Awarded U.S. Postal Service Supplier Excellence Award

Apr 26, 2013

(Photo Credit: U.S. Postal Service)

Ecolab has been honored with a 2012 Supplier Excellence Award by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Suppliers were selected based on their ability to deliver optimum solutions that reduce costs, enhance performance, maintain high levels of service and provide innovative and sustainable solutions. Ecolab was one of 10 companies honored for superior supply chain performance out of the more than 20,000 suppliers that the USPS works with each year.

“Every day, Ecolab Pest Elimination’s associates help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier by working to deliver pest-free environments for our customers,” said Bobby Mendez, Ecolab executive vice president and president, Global Services and Specialty. “We thank the United States Postal Service for the opportunity to serve its organization and for recognizing Ecolab Pest Elimination with the 2012 Supplier Excellence Award.”

Ecolab Pest Elimination makes more than 40,000 service visits to more than 4,100 USPS sites annually, providing variety of pest control services. Ecolab Pest Elimination is committed to advancing standards that deliver high-quality pest protection while reducing environmental impacts for customers, and has implemented many initiatives to help reduce environmental footprint through waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention. 

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