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Ecolab’s Emilio Tenuta, vice president of Corporate Sustainability, Talks Water at Net Impact Annual Conference

Oct 25, 2013

EmilioTenutaBy 2050, the world will need to double its food production, placing unprecedented pressure on water and energy. At today’s 2013 Net Impact conference, an important question was raised: “Is it possible to do this without increasing water use or our carbon footprint?”

Emilio Tenuta, Ecolab's vice president of corporate sustainability, joined sustainability experts from Dow Chemical Company, Oxfam America and The Nature Conservancy for a spirited discussion panel focused on “Resource Realities: The Energy-Water-Food Nexus and Global Development.”

Tenuta shared his perspective on the private sector's imperative to reduce water use and make industry more sustainable in order to meet future demand. 

“The first step to meeting future food needs is to optimize current agriculture and industry water use to reduce extraction of water from surface and ground sources. Addressing the energy-water-food nexus cannot be isolated to one link in the value chain. We must take into account the collective impact across the entire food supply chain....from fields to food processing to food service/restaurants and ultimately consumers.”

The conference, attended by nearly 3,000 people working to change the world through their work, is known for its diversity of viewpoints and ideas.  As the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, Ecolab is uniquely positioned to provide private sector expertise on innovative sustainability solutions across industries. 

Ecolab was proud to join Net Impact for this conference to further the organization’s mission to empower a new generation of leaders to drive transformational change for a more sustainable future.

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