Instrument Reprocessing Employee standing in front of Belimed Equipment with OptiPro Solid Dispenser in background

OptiPro™ Instrument Reprocessing Program

Ecolab's innovative instrument reprocessing portfolio combines advanced solids technology and formulation with comprehensive training and tools to achieve outstanding cleaning results and help improve your processes.
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Comprehensive Solutions for Decontamination

"The Central Sterile Department plays an integral part in the successful outcomes of surgical procedures performed by the hospital. Increasing the efficiency of the CSD guarantees a smooth running surgery department by ensuring that all necessary instruments are in order and in good working condition to support surgery."

AORN Journal. Using Simulation to Design a central Sterilization Department. Lin, Lawley, Spry, McCarthy, Coyle-Rodgers, Yih. October, 2008, Vol 88 No. 4.

Central Sterile Worker spraying OptiPro Pre Cleaning Gel onto dirty surgical instruments prior to cleaning
Proper pretreatment will increase process efficiency and help reduce instrument damage. OptiPro Gel Pre-Cleaner keeps instruments moist for an extended period of time through its crystal blue blanket of moisture.
Manual Cleaning
Featuring OptiPro™ Multi Enzymatic Manual Cleaner, the first solid multi enzymatic manual cleaner that provides a ready-to-use, low foaming, fragrance free cleaning solution for reduced scrubbing in manual cleaning.
Solid products for automated washing
Solid Products for Automated Washing
Multi-product system delivers cleaning chemistry to your Central Sterile equipment. Color and shape coded solids help ensure that the correct product is used in the proper cycle.  No more changing heavy barrels and messy dip tubes.
3 Concentrated Detergents for Automatic Washers for Instrument Reprocessing in Hospitals
Concentrated Products for Automated Washing

Ecolab's concentrated detergents and additional offerings help promote outstanding cleaning outcomes and process optimization.

Grouping of Surgical Instrument Detergents from Ecolab
Liquid Products for Automated Washing
Ecolab has a variety of detergents, rinses and lubricants for use in Automated Washing applications.
OptiPro Best Practices Implementation Package
This comprehensive package provides the service, training and tools to implement best practices that reach consistent outcomes and process optimization.

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