Daydots® Food Rotation Labels

Labeling is critical for the safety of foods, and ensuring the food safety that is critical to protecting your brand. In some cases, food looks fine, but date-marking food appropriately with use-by dates is the only way to ensure that food is used within safe limits before bacteria or other pathogens have grown to dangerous levels. Daydots labels play an integral role in ensuring the food you prepare is safe to serve and safe to eat.
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Helping you serve safe food every day

Daydots Food Rotation Labels help you serve safe food every day. In 1985, Daydots introduced the first ever color-coded, day-of-the-week labels to the foodservice industry. Since then, the day-of-the-week colors have become an industry standard and are key identifiers for food rotation in every restaurant. 

Daydots Food Rotation Solutions

Learn more about Daydots Food Rotation products and how they can help you maintain best practices in your foodservice operation.