Abundant Energy


Around the world, the demand for energy is growing – and meeting the demand is becoming more difficult. With innovative programs and technologies, we help energy companies extract more energy with fewer resources.

And we help all of our customers use less energy – and reduce their environmental footprints – by identifying and treating process-related problems and providing them with products that minimize energy use.


Macro Trends

  • Global energy demand in 2030 would be nearly double 2005 levels – were it not for expected improvements in energy efficiency.
  • The world uses about 1,000 barrels of oil per second.
  • The world has produced about 1 trillion barrels of oil to date. Over the next century or so, approximately 2 trillion barrels more are expected to be produced from conventional proved reserves and undiscovered conventional oil. Additional supplies will be produced from unconventional oil resources, such as extra-heavy oil in Venezuela, oil sands in Alberta and shale oil in the United States.